July 2, 2016


General Election Sites:presidential-1311753_640

New York Times Learning Network


Teaching Tolerance addresses countering bias and civility

PBS Election Central



All of the 2016 Campaign Ads

NYT Ad Analysis

The Living Room Candidate 1952-2012 campaign commercials

Political Ad Analysis Worksheet

Media in Politics tons of links

iSideWith useful for dividing students into groups with similar beliefs

Third Party Candidates

Conventions and Campaigns history of U.S. conventions

iCivics Resources


History Tech list of links

Bias and Fact Checking:



Flackcheck.org detecting patterns of deception

Face the Facts background on many issues

All Sides

Confirmation Bias nice technique to introduce the concept to students


Graphics and Games:

Redistricting Game

FANschool Play fantasy politics by guessing who will win each state

iCivics Election Game “Win the White House”

Left vs. Right Graphic

Only 9% of America Chose Trump and Clinton

Maps of Past Electoral Votes

Over the Decades, How States have Shifted

XKCD Congress

XKCD Electoral Precedent

Historical Campaign Materials

Republicans and Democrats Think their States are Great for Different Reasons


Your Party Debate

Isarithmic History of Two Party Vote See videos of the candidate’s talking about specific issues

Candidate Biographies

Cognitive Ease video

Why you think you’re right–even when you are wrong?


How Demographics will Shape the 2016 Election

Politics in the Classroom

Civics in Uncivil Times

Pew Research of Voter Dissatisfaction