#MyParty16 Election Project

What is #MyParty16?

National Contest Where Students Create Their Own Political Parties


Use Project Based Learning to engage your students in politics, civility, and social issues.


Students will work in groups to form their own political parties. They will create their own party name, logo, platform, and 30 second commercial.


“Primary” elections will be held at local schools with the winners competing in a national election.


Students will be energized about political issues and the political process leading to active citizenship.


Students love the voice and choice to create political parties around issues that they are passionate about.

The fun competition also motivates student learning, while at the same time studying civility teaches them how to disagree peaceably. This project can be adapted to meet High School Common Core standards in multiple classes including Government, U.S. History, and ELA. Students will collaborate with other schools through Twitter chats, Skype calls, and online debates.

Thanks to all of the students who participated in #MyParty16